Killers in brown-shirt uniforms: How the U.S. Border Patrol brutalizes the masses

By Ulrike Salazar

Serial killer Juan David Ortiz is not the only federally-salaried murderer among us. More than 60,000 of them walk around the country in broad daylight.

Despite supposed oversight and accountability, reports have shown that Border Patrol agents have one of the highest termination and disciplinary rates of all federal agencies. Even as officials express concern over abusive and killer Border Patrol agents, the agency is functioning perfectly and savagely.

The US Border Patrol and the entire Customs and Border Protection (CBP) subsidiary of the Department of Homeland Security likely underreport their internal issues. “The Border Patrol’s termination rate may actually undercount the extent of personnel problems,” according to a 2017 study by the bourgeois-libertarian Cato Institute. “From 2006 to 2016, only 26 percent of CBP employees convicted or charged with corruption were actually terminated while 67 percent resigned according to data released by the Immigration Reform Law Institute.”

Regardless of bourgeois political affiliation, all hard data available to the public paints the same bloody picture of brown-shirt uniformed killers and abusers hunting undocumented immigrants.

Border Patrol’s anti-immigrant mission is applauded by the Trump Administration, but was also emboldened by its predecessor, the liberal-favorite Obama Administration, which still holds the record for most deportations under any U.S. president – removing approximately 2.5 million immigrants from 2009 to 2015.

Tragically, deportation may be a better fate than what some of the undocumented immigrants captured by Border Patrol have had to suffer through.

Border Patrol’s most recent incident of brutality – of many – comes from various reports on the case of the Border Patrol supervisory officer Juan David Ortiz who was apprehended Sept.15 for the brutal murder of four women, and the assault and kidnapping of one who successfully broke free and escaped from his truck.

All, including the survivor, appear to have been Latinas and prostitutes. Many of the victims of murderous Border Patrol agents tend to be women, particularly those economically forced into the bourgeois profession of prostitution. The bourgeoisie’s loyal media tries tenaciously to white-wash the patriarchal violence of prostitution by calling it “sex work.” But these women did not “choose” to be “sex workers.” They were enslaved in the inherently patriarchal violence of selling their body sexually – only once all other means have been exhausted – for economic survival.

In addition to the Border Patrol serial killer, some of his colleagues have killed their own wives and children like Anthony Burgos Aviles, and some have sexually abused women and young girls such as David Villarreal, and there are even several investigations into corruption and ties with Mexican drug cartels.

And of course there is the tragic killing of young Guatemalan immigrant, Claudia Patricia Gomez Gonzalez, shot and killed near the Mexican border on May 25. Claudia was shot down for trying to find, like all working-class immigrants pushed out from their home countries, a better life and a job.

In most media photos of the young 20-year-old Claudia she poses proud and beautiful in her indigenous dress, seemingly unafraid of the future. But U.S. imperialism sees her instead as an unnecessary drop in the bucket of cheap immigrant surplus labor.

The libertarian-centrist American Civil Liberties Union (ALCU) also agrees that ICE and the Customs and Border Protection, which is in charge of the Border Patrol, is in constant violation of human rights and the bourgeois Fourth Amendment against unreasonable searches and seizures.

Working-class undocumented immigrants are inescapably targeted; rarely are Euro-Americans ever questioned or detained for illegal immigration status.

“CBP’s militarization of the border region has produced rampant abuses ranging from racial profiling to excessive force,” the ACLU reports.

Some of these documented cases include a sixteen-year-old girl being sexually molested, pregnant minors being forced to abort their pregnancies, a 17-year-old being ran over by a Border Patrol vehicle, all being tortured, many were threatened with revenge rape.

From 2009 to 2014, Border Patrol agents ripped apart the human rights of unaccompanied immigrant children and youth, according to the ACLU.

All while more than $18 billion from the federal government goes to ICE and U.S. Border Patrol, and this was during the liberal-fascism of Obama.

The specific types of abuses and killings are reminiscent of the dark era of European state fascism or the earlier era of indigenous colonization and genocide in the Americas. ICE, like shadowy Gestapo agents, or Border Patrol, like SS troops, take away young boys and girls, tear apart families, throw away undesirables into dark and cramped dungeons. And the lucky ones are killed quickly, but the vast majority are tortured not knowing when their sentence will end.

The horrific reality imposed on undocumented immigrants, especially children and women, will go down in history as another dark chapter in the bloody history of America. Even boiling the lukewarm blood of do-nothing liberals, moving them to rethink their pro-capitalist politics.

This author only hopes that this chapter in American history will also include the moment when revolutionaries rose up with the masses and slaughtered the fascistic Border Patrol dogs and their bosses, slaying them with revolutionary fire and justice.

Who can look upon this and apologize for the crimes of the U.S. Empire? Who can read this, knowing the plight of the undocumented immigrant masses who struggle daily not for supremacy but basic economic survival, and have the gall to suppress that uncontrollable rage that builds inside you?

The entirety of the Customs and Border Protection, their Border Patrol agents, and ICE, like its parent and grandparent, the U.S. Government and American settler-colonialism imperialism, must be destroyed from without, not within.

Revolutionary organizations throughout the country such as the Red Guards appear to be organizing among the immigrant masses in forming defense units, rallying around the shared slogan of “fight ICE with fire!”

As the Red Guards and their supporters have said in the recent past, the time for activism is over. Now is the time for war. Now is the time to mobilize the masses, particularly the immigrant masses from Central America and Mexico, to exact revolutionary vengeance and seize power. Without it, everything is just empty words. End the barbarism. End U.S. imperialism!