AUSTIN: Kavanaugh Defenders Overwhelmed By Student Demonstrators

By Mike Talavera

Tuesday afternoon, nearly a hundred students on UT campus surrounded, berated, and kicked out a handful of students defending Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. One counter protester ripped a sign which read “Kavanaugh did nothing wrong” out of the hands of one of the Kavanaugh defenders and ripped it to pieces, while another swiped a “Make America Great Again” hat from one of the defenders and threw it into the crowd.


Kavanaugh’s nomination has become a national controversy since the emergence of multiple sexual assault accusations against him. Last Friday, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified to the Senate Judiciary committee about how he and friend Mark Judge ambushed and attempted to rape her at a high school party in the 1982.

The senate is expected to vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation by the end of this week following an FBI investigation, only a month before the country’s mid-term elections. This context has prompted Republicans and Democrats alike to focus on framing the issue in a way that rallies their respective voting bases.

Major media outlets have decried how partisan the Kavanaugh hearings have become, but the so-called split between the bourgeois parties is in essence superficial.

For all their rhetoric, Democrats condone and abide by the process which will likely appoint Kavanaugh. Rather than organizing the masses to concretely prevent his confirmation, Democrats have tried to channel the righteous anger of women and sexual assault survivors away from Kavanaugh’s case and to the polling stations this November.

Unfortunately for Democrats, the majority of people don’t vote, and many refuse to follow the example of bourgeois politicians who tolerate Kavanaugh’s nomination and the oppression of women.

That was clear Tuesday morning when a group of twenty students quickly swarmed the tables of the Young Conservatives of Texas in front of the UT Tower and yelled at them for promoting sexual assault. Much like their superiors in Washington, the Young Democrats sat a table nearby, ignoring the public defense of sexual assault and registering people to vote instead.

The small counter protest grew into a crowd of almost a hundred which chanted slogans like “Fuck the Young Conservatives,” “We believe survivors,” and “UT protects abusers!”

The past year has witnessed a strong student movement against abusers on UT campus. The now-defunct Revolutionary Student Front (RSF) led campaigns against professor Richard A. Morrisett who had plead guilty in 2016 to physically abusing his girlfriend and against professor Robert Reece who had been accused of multiple cases of sexual abuse and assault.

In a historic act of defiance that made national headlines, revolutionary students dyed the Littlefield Fountain red on UT campus and tagged the wall to read “This is the blood of survivors that UT ignores.”

Although RSF is no more, the spirit of rebellion against abusers lives on at UT. The Kavanaugh defenders eventually had to be escorted to safety by police due to the ferocity of the counter protesters.

The remains of the Young Conservatives tabling

One counter protester told Incendiary News that the trauma experienced by survivors was not something that could be put to the side or voted away, but demanded retribution.

“The anger was there, it was potent. People were filled with emotion, filled with rage,” she said. “[The Young Conservatives] need to understand that we’re not fucking around when we tell them to fuck off.”