FRANCE: High Schoolers Demonstrate in Solidarity with Mass Movement

This is an English translation of an article originally published on La Cause de Peuple

On December 6, along with the past week, high schoolers demonstrated across France, and several hundred high schools have been occupied and blocked off.

300 disruptions and 80 blockades have taken place throughout the French state. This movement is a response to the Yellow Jackets and the government reforms from the last year regarding the baccalaureate (exam that French students must complete in order to get into college) and higher education.

The pigs did not hesitate to use tear gas and flashballs against the movement, but they have not weakened it.

In Paris, we have received photos of the Jeunes Revolutionnaires (Young Revolutionaries) in the Hélène Boucher and Maurice Ravel high schools, occupied since very early this morning. Like everywhere else, a General Assembly was held and was well attended.