FRANCE: Yellow Jackets Set Fires, Call for More Resistance

This is an English translation of an article originally published on La Cause de Peuple

On December 1, Yellow Jacket protesters claimed responsibility for fires set ablaze in the wealthy quarters of Paris in the ile-de-France as well as other prefectures like Puy-en-Velay.

Once again in Auvergne, the Yellow Jackets directly targeted a state building, the Center of Public Finances. Tires were set on fire during the night of December 4, causing the burning of the facade and the door’s security system. The building is currently not in use.

The regional newspapers France 3 Auvergne and La Montagne reported these activities, and France 3 mentioned a press communiqué and a statement from the Yellow Jackets.

“With the symbolic burning of the Center of Public Finances of Riom, we are launching a call to all the people who can no longer work themselves to death for miserable salaries, who can no longer be taxed by the state that redistributes our money to more of the rich,” the statement said. “This state is not for us, the people have no decision-making power. This state is in service to a handful of bourgeois who profit from our work.”

The statement ended by the authors calling on demonstrators “to refuse all negotiation, to fight and resist until victory.”

Le Parisien reported that this is the first time an action by the Yellow Jackets was claimed in such a manner.

These type of actions show that this movement dares to struggle and dares to win. They continue the sequence of events from last Saturday and the beginning of the week throughout the French state. Under the initiative of the high schoolers and the Yellow Jackets, roundabouts, high schools, and tollbooths were blockaded and were set on fire in protest against the high cost of living.