Why Brexit Could Reignite Mass Involvement in the National Liberation Struggles in Northern Ireland

By Ed Dalton

Imperialist war criminal and former Secretary of State, John Kerry is trembling over the possibility that due to Brexit, and a possible hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland could reignite the Troubles.

In a statement to the bourgeois news, Kerry said, “I have concerns that depending on what kind of Brexit takes place, it could have a negative impact on the progress made in the last 20 years.”

To the imperialist, “progress” is the liquidation of armed struggle aimed to liberate and reunify the 32 Ireland counties. “It could reheat passions one way or the other or both depending on what it is. We have to see how this is going to be resolved,” Kerry said. “It’s imperative that it’s resolved in a way that it does not reignite the Troubles.”

The enforcement of a hard border could be a tipping point in the mobilization of the Irish masses, lending popular support to the National Liberation struggles which have waxed and waned for hundreds of years.

Bourgeois analysts have a limited view of history. The Troubles, which were a protracted period of the most intense guerrilla warfare in any western European country post World War II, were not caused by the mere existence of a border or check points. These were symptoms of a larger problem.

Some bourgeois thinkers such as Patrick Cockburn of the Independent will go so far as to admit the Troubles were rooted in the British disregard for Irish civil rights, but they cannot go much further than this partial truth, again identifying the symptom as the cause.

The Irish struggle for independence against British colonialism is not a simple matter of civil rights anymore than it is a question of Protestant verses Catholic. The matter is one of national liberation against occupation and partition.

The partition itself was the result of capitulation by leaders of the independence struggle, who were the torch bearers of the struggles far outdating themselves. If mass support and participation for national liberation and reunification is to resume, it will not be caused by the hard border itself, but by hundreds of years of oppression and occupation.

There is of course other symptoms at play which heighten the fears and insecurities of the imperialists. By leaving the European Union, Northern Ireland would again be almost solely in the hands of the British without European regulation, meaning a return to British definitions of human rights.

British laws have historically been codified to be applied one way for the Brits and another way for their colonial subjects.

According to the bourgeois outlet the Guardian, “Almost 1,000 police officers from England and Scotland are to begin training for deployment in Northern Ireland in case of disorder from a no-deal Brexit.” The Brits once again aim to rule through the stick what they could not accomplish through the carrot. The maintenance of the shaky “Good Friday” agreements are starting to fray.

Economic crisis in Britain and Europe is stirring the legitimate fears of the ruling class in these countries. The conditions for mass militant rebellion are ripe. So what is the missing ingredient that can prevent the past from repeating itself in new ways?

The existence of a rock solid Communist Party is essential to the success of national liberation everywhere and Northern Ireland is no exception. The Irish people and in particular the proletariat must be called upon to constitute such a Party and base it firmly on the ideology of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

The cause of the Irish people, like that of the Palestinian people, has gained the love and admiration of revolutionaries the world over. Due to the lack of firm and unwavering Communist leadership, the struggles in both countries have been met with peril, derailment, and bad compromises at the people’s expense. In essence, they have been wrought with capitulations.

The Irish masses fill the imperialists with dread, because unlike some of their leaders the masses will tirelessly rise to combat national oppression time and time again. National oppression and national liberation are part of the class struggle of the proletariat against the bourgeoisie and the oppressed nations versus the imperialist nations.

Due to the age we live in, there can be no national liberation without the element of socialism. Ireland is partitioned and oppressed by the British, who used it as a testing ground for all its colonial oppression. A victory for the Irish people will be a victory for all oppressed people. Revolutionaries should not fear such difficult times.

With increased repression represented by the influx of troops, the resumption of fences, razor wire, travel restrictions and check points, all of which divide the Irish people, impeding their movements dividing families and making even getting to work difficult to impossible, with these conditions comes the most justified and righteous rebellion. The imperialists should be gripped with fevered dreams of colonial vengeance.