Calling All Red News Soldiers! 2019 Statement from Incendiary News Service

By Incendiary Editorial Board

As we enter a new year, the Incendiary Editorial Board wishes to commemorate the start of 2019 by affirming our commitment to people’s struggles in the United States and internationally as well as promoting the work of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist parties and organizations around the world!

Even though it is just beginning, 2019 has already proven to be another momentous year as the world proletariat continues to advance its offensive against the decaying imperialist strongholds. The Maoist Communist Party (France) continues to guide the national uprising in France, Chilean port workers have ignited barricades in a militant strike under what appears to be Communist leadership, and the anti-gentrification movement in the US southwest has scored yet another important victory.

As a publication, we must strive to be as militant and diligent in our reporting as the revolutionaries we cover. We enthusiastically embrace our role as Red News Soldiers!

Since the launch of our news site on August 11, 2018, we have communicated with our readers almost entirely through the content of our articles, but today we address you directly: join us in spreading revolutionary news to the masses!

Incendiary has been putting out stories for less than half a year, but taking a proletarian-first approach to our reporting has already distinguished us from the noise of the ruling class press.

It is no secret that the bourgeois capitalist class, who live off the exploitation of workers and the oppression of the masses, dominate mainstream media. AT&T, Comcast, Disney, 21st Century Fox, CBS, and Viacom own 90% of the media industry, and much of that capital is in the hands of only a few individual billionaires like Rupert Murdoch and Jeff Bezos.

Networks like Fox News and MSNBC poison the minds of the masses with non-stop coverage of the Democrats and the Republicans, filling the heads of their viewers with false hope in the form of another sell-out candidate making promises they will inevitably break. When not peddling these corrupt politicians to viewers, these news outlets are circulating cynicism and disseminating despair with endless stories of terror and horror.

The concept of a free press itself is a fantasy that tries to conceal class struggle. Those who can afford the price of air time assert their right to freedom of speech, while the voices of the masses yearn to be heard.

Even self-described progressive outlets like Democracy Now! and The Real News Network have no hope of giving any real support to mass struggles because of their status as non-profit corporations. Despite funding themselves through small donors, they submit to the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie like the big media corporations they claim to oppose.

Without holding a militant and revolutionary political line, a news organization is doomed to serve the reactionary aims of the bourgeoisie. This proletarian stance cannot simply be declared in mission statements but must be upheld in every story published.

For all of their efforts to spread hopelessness among the masses, the capitalists who rule the airwaves inevitably end up alienating the masses. Reactionaries like President Donald Trump take advantage of this disconnect with accusations of “Fake News,” making the masses even more disinterested in objective reality and short-sighted in their view of the world.

As a publication, Incendiary will always point out the lies and hypocrisy of the bourgeois press, but unlike Trump we refuse to do so at the expense of the masses or our own commitment to the objective truth.

Journalism courses in colleges and universities propagate the bourgeois version of objectivity to their students, that accurate reporting means telling “both sides” of a story. We know that there are essentially two sides to any story: a bourgeois side and a proletarian side. Without class analysis and a firm proletarian stance, reporting these two sides “equally” will always serve the bourgeois, the ruling class.

The Red News Soldier sees objective truth in dialectic terms, as the revolutionary reality of class struggle. Historical materialism tells us that the proletariat is the class to end all classes, and this fact informs every line of our reporting. We disdain the idea of representing “both sides.” Instead, we enthusiastically take up our post in relentlessly attacking the bourgeois side of every story.

We do not pretend that Incendiary can single-handedly incite the masses to rebel against their oppressors, but we do see our role as a critical one in the promotion and support of mass struggles as well as providing succinct analysis of world events from a Maoist viewpoint.

Since our humble beginning we have already had the privilege of publishing stories from cities around the United States and from some cities abroad. This is a good start, but we cannot stop until our news organization illustrates the oppression and exploitation facing the masses in every corner of the country and around the world.

Objectively, class struggle exists in every aspect of our lives. The challenge is for the masses to become consciously aware of it. The stories on our website have begun to raise the class consciousness of our readers, but we must broaden the scope of our reporting to other forms of media, including print, audio, and video.

The masses should not only be able to read our stories online. They should be able to see and hear peoples’ struggles and revolutionary events for themselves. We should not wait for the masses to visit our website when we can meet them with revolutionary newspapers in the streets!

Since most of our US readership is based in the Chicano Nation, we also have the vital task of making our content available in Spanish.

In order to grow our publication and meet our important goals, Incendiary needs your help. Lack of journalist experience should not hold back those interested in pitching a story. The desire to serve the people and take a proletarian stance is infinitely more valuable than technical expertise. Our editorial board has worked with inexperienced reporters before and helped them transform story ideas into published articles.

We can also help new contributors learn how to record audio and edit video, so that we can bring stories to the masses in new forms.

This call for Red News Soldiers is not only a call for contributors. We want the readers who want to support us to do so whichever way they can. Whether it is sending us a tip for a story, proofreading content before publication, translating articles into Spanish or another language, hosting an event to raise money for Incendiary, ordering print editions (when they become available in the future) to distribute in your own neighborhood, typing up captions for videos, or submitting drawings or photographs – we want you to join us in our work.

Send us an email at and tell us how you want to get involved. Lend us your support and help us tell the greatest story of our time: the world proletarian revolution!

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