Central Texas Socialist Rifle Association Regroups as Workers World Party

By Ed Dalton

After Incendiary exposed the connections between the Central Texas Socialist Rifle Association (CTSRA) and FBI informant John Gilmer last month, CTSRA leader “Enoch” publicly stepped down from the compromised organization. A few days later, the social media accounts linked to the group such as the “Atx-antifa” page and the CTSRA Facebook page also shut down.

In an effort to avoid bad press and public opinion, the core leadership, composed of “Enoch” and “Mikhail Durutti Sands,” have regrouped in the Marcyite revisionist organization Workers World Party (WWP).

Dating back to the 1970’s Trotskyite movement as a split from Socialist World Party, the organization is characterized by its support for reactionary and revisionist regimes the world over, including the theocratic fascist regime in Iran and the decrepit revisionist regime in North Korea.

When not supporting reactionary bourgeois states, WWP contents itself with organizing lackluster protests and running electoral candidates.

Enoch’s connection to WWP goes back to at least October 2018, when he helped them host an event at Austin anarchist bookstore Monkey Wrench Books (MWB). There, WWP delivered a presentation in favor of the corrupt Sandinista government of Nicaragua, which has engaged in selling their motherland to Chinese finance capital at the expense of the indigenous people.

The anarchist collective that runs MWB has claimed that it will not provide space to any party or political candidate, but they appear to have reversed this position by giving space to WWP.

In a letter issued in 2016, the bookstore used this policy as a pretext for kicking out Maoists in spite of the fact that they had no Party.

In an open meeting the same year, MWB members expressed a fear that Maoism was growing in Austin and stated that “some felt like the frequency of the study group increases the chances of people thinking of monkeywrench as a place to go to find out about Maoists. If events are once in a while, there’s less of an obvious connection.”

The basis of collaboration between revisionist parties, reactionary governments, and anarchists is not a matter of principles, but a matter of having the common enemy of growing revolutionary ideas—a politics based on opportunism.

After being boycotted by the revolutionary left in Austin, MWB has seen a decrease in attendance at events and has been unable to defend their space against multiple physical attacks from reactionary forces, leading them to open their doors to the refuse of the Austin left.

After being exposed as organizing with a known FBI informant and brokering shady deals with fascists, CTSRA has simply rebranded by starting an Austin branch of WWP which contains only the two former CTSRA members, who have so far not been able to organize a single action.

Any attempts on the part of former CTSRA members to start local branches of a nationwide organization so that they can better hide themselves will not go unreported by Incendiary.

As a nominally progressive space, Incendiary calls on MWB to disassociate themselves from reactionaries like WWP and informant-collaborators like their two local members. Association with these types is bad for business.