MEXICO: Maoists, Revolutionaries, Workers and Peasants hold State Assembly in Oaxaca

By Ed Dalton

Since August 2018, the Mexican revolutionaries of Corriente del Pueblo-Sol Rojo (In English, Current of the People-Red Sun), have gone to the deepest and most profound masses of Oaxaca. They’ve held popular assemblies conducting analysis and consultation in poor and popular neighborhoods, communal peasant communities, schools, workplaces, public centers, hospitals, health centers, ranch workers quarters, and other areas of the countryside.

On January 20, they concluded important analysis and discussion on the international situation and on decision-making, all in preparation for their new period of class struggle that begins this year.

In a series of photographs published on the website Sol Rojista, mass participation and the red flags of the proletariat can been seen. Cultural performances were held in front of a packed audience. Images of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Gonzalo were displayed proudly on the wall. The event included political study, speakers, criticism/self-criticism, and songs. Sol Rojista reports more than 200 delegates were in attendance.


Special time was given to honor the martyrs of their valiant movement, including comrades fallen in combat: Faustino Acevedo Bailón (May 2006), Alfredo Errestre Vázquez (October 2007), Rosalino Díaz Barrera (January 2008), Paulino Salud Landiz (May 2008), and more than 17 indigenous Triquis comrades of San Miguel Copala killed during the forced displacement nine years ago.

Current of the People-Red Sun also lowered their red flags in inextinguishable memory of Fernando Cruz (June 2016) and Javier ópez Martínez (March 2018), two great comrades who founded the organization to carry out the New Democratic Revolution in Mexico.

With combative militancy they upheld their red flags demanding that the old reactionary bureaucratic-landlord state of Mexico present Dr. Sernas-Garcia alive. Sernas-Garcia, a professor of law and a tireless fighter for the people has been missing since May 10 of last year.

Among the resolutions passed at the State Assembly was to unify the grassroots movements, while maintaining independence from various bourgeois forces, resolutions against both the old and new political parties. In these resolutions their commitment to New Democratic revolution led by the proletariat was at the forefront.

When discussing possible alliances with the Current of the People-Red Sun, they state: “There are also other democratic and revolutionary organizations that have analyses similar to ours and without reconciling or hiding the visible ideological differences are willing to work for a united front, which should strengthen objectives, common behavior and courses, banishing the revisionist and opportunist theses of “unity at all costs” and “unity without principles with all those who want to fight’, carrying out the people’s democratic-revolutionary unity based on democratic-revolutionary principals.”

Uncompromising in their militancy the Mexican Communists state: “this State Assembly declares that we will not renounce the mobilization and street struggle, which we will continue steeling our ranks in contempt of class collaborationism, parliamentary cretinism, social-pacifism and cowardice in combat. We hold that the people and only the people are the driving force that makes world history. We are convinced that justice for the people will be imposed by the people in struggle.”

The State Assembly expressed its inextinguishable solidarity with the indigenous people of Mexico who suffer alongside the proletariat at the hands of semi-feudalism, bureaucratic capitalism, and imperialism. The Mexican Maoists expressed support for the right to self-determination for the oppressed nations and the resolution of the contradiction between the original Mexicans and the bourgeois state through agrarian revolution.

The Sol Rojistas expressed their support for Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Parties and organizations in the International Communist Movement who strive to establish the Unified Maoist International Conference.

The State Assembly gave special recognition to the Maoist Parties which led People’s War, including Peru, India, Turkey, and the Philippines. They also made honorable recognition of those in both the third world and imperialist nations who struggle for the initiation of People’s War, via the constitution or reconstitution of their Communist Parties.

Of great importance was their affirmation to the international campaign to defend the life and health of Chairman Gonzalo, the imprisoned Chairman of the Communist Party of Peru. Sol Rojista correctly stated that Chairman Gonzalo is “the greatest living Marxist-Leninist-Maoist on the face of the earth who resists from the shining trench of combat at the Callao naval base in Peru.”

The Assembly also made recognition of Maoist and revolutionary political prisoners around the world. The prisoners honored at the assembly include Igor Mendes and his 23 comrades, the political prisoners of India; Ajith, Dr. GN Saibaba, Comrade Varavara Rao, and Lebanese political prisoner of the Palestinian cause Georges Ibrahim Abdallah imprisoned in France.

Recognition of our own Comrade Dallas was expressed in the demand issued by the Assembly:

“We demand the freedom of comrade Dallas, political prisoner in the jaws of the Yankee imperialist beast. We salute the Red Guards of the United States who constitute and grow the revolutionary organization of the proletariat and the oppressed peoples within that imperialist country.”

Recognition for the International Communist Movement was not limited to political prisoners. The assembly recognized the 50th anniversary of the New People’s Army and the Communist Party of the Philippines against the fascist Duterte in service of US Imperialism.

In honoring the struggling masses the Assembly further stated:

“We salute the struggle of the ‘yellow vests’ in France that in each new day strengthens class positions of the proletariat against the rising cost of life, anti-worker and anti-popular measures of the French imperialist state and in defense of political demands of the working class. We especially greet our comrades from the Maoist Communist Party of France who are at the forefront of the street fighting.”

In conclusion the Assembly declared to keep pushing forward for the consolidation of a single democratic-revolutionary organization which exists nationwide. Great strides have already been made to this end by the existence of such a remarkable assembly.

Incendiary sends our warmest comradely greetings to our comrades in Mexico. Their struggles are near and dear to us being in close geographic proximity. We applaud and rejoice in their successes.