GERMANY: Musa Aşoğlu Sentenced to Prison Amid Protests

By Emilio Gonzalez

On February 6, the German courts sentenced Turkish revolutionary Musa Aşoğlu to six years and nine months in prison, based on his alleged leadership role in the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front (or DHKP-C).

Police had originally arrested Aşoğlu in Hamburg on December 2, 2016 in a late-night house raid, and in the two years since his capture there has been an uproar from revolutionaries and militants around the world demanding his freedom. Having spent most of his life fighting against US imperialism and Turkish fascism, Aşoğlu is deeply respected among many revolutionary organizations.

Numerous demonstrations have been held for Aşoğlu’s release in acts of international solidarity. Nearly 150 demonstrators took the streets of Hamburg, Germany on December 15, 2018, protesting Aşoğlu’s detainment. Demanding his release, protesters marched through the city and onto the steps of the district court and detention center where they chanted for the freedom of the beloved revolutionary.

Aşoğlu has had bounties of up to $3 million placed on his head by the reactionary governments of the United States and Turkey. Both countries want him extradited and are known to disappear political prisoners, making demands for his release all the more urgent.

Incendiary holds firm that making revolution is not a crime but a necessary task. The Party leads the revolution and the masses make history!

Freedom for Musa Aşoğlu!