AUSTIN: East Riverside Gentrification Project for Luxury Shopping Center Indefinitely Postponed Again

By Ed Dalton

Defend Our Hoodz – Defiende el Bario – Austin (DOH) disrupted Tuesday’s city planning meeting where the Planning Commission voted 7-3 to indefinitely postpone consideration for Project Catalyst’s gentrification plans in East Riverside for a second time in a row, due mainly to consistent activist pressure.

Planning Commission Chair James Shieh had to call a recess and plead for security to remove the DOH demonstrators.

Earlier today, DOH posted about Tuesday’s action on their Facebook page, saying:

“This past Tuesday, the Planning Commission once again indefinitely postponed the rezoning cases for the Quad, Ballpark North, and Town Lake Apartments that we have been fighting for nearly a year. The ‘Domain on Riverside’ continues to fail against our unrelenting organized resistance to this massive displacement project.”

DOH has led the battle against attempts to build a luxury shopping center in the working-class neighborhood of East Riverside for more than a year. The militant and confrontational battle has seen four arrests and regular militant actions.

Thousands of working-class people and students in East Riverside are at risk of being displaced by gentrification. In the long term, the Domain on Riverside represents the pending displacement of the last standing working class neighborhood near downtown Austin. It is this community DOH has been serving and organizing into the fight for the past year, and they are winning.

After gaining a recent victory with the closure of Nazi-friendly Blue Cat Café, the work of DOH has not relented and shows no signs of retreat.

Incendiary extends solidarity to the revolutionaries and community members who have been immovable in serving the people against big capitalist real-estate interests.