IRELAND: Irish Republican Army Sends Letter Bombs to United Kingdom Targets

By Mike Talavera

Starting on March 5 and 6, four packaged improvised explosive devices were delivered to London’s Heathrow and City airports, Waterloo Station, and the University of Glasgow. The New Irish Republican Army (NIRA) has claimed responsibility for the bombs, one of which detonated and prompted an evacuation of Heathrow airport’s administrative Compass Centre.

While damage was minimal and no injuries reported, the successful delivery of the weaponized letters has left imperialist authorities puzzled. Either insufficient evidence or embarrassment at the security breach has stopped the United Kingdom (UK) from openly accusing the NIRA for the attack.

These mail bombs were sent in the context of stalled Brexit negotiations, a process initiated by the 2016 referendum for the UK to exit the European Union. If the plan goes through to leave, occupied Northern Ireland could see a return to the increased security and border checkpoints of its past during the rebellious times of the Troubles.

British parliament is currently scrambling to postpone Brexit’s March 29 deadline, but whatever the outcome the rising frequency and sophistication of NIRA attacks promises to continue to escalate whether the UK breaks away from the European Union or not.