FRANCE: Four Months of the Yellow Jackets

This is an English translation of an article originally published on La Cause de Peuple

March 16 marked the eighteenth uprising of the Yellow Jackets, launching new demonstrations throughout France with a renewed combativeness the same day the phony “Great Debate” called by President Emmanuel Macron was ending.

This prolonged struggle shows that the government cannot silence the voices of the masses. Numerous people have been arrested, condemned, assaulted, and brutalized for this resistance.

March 16 also witnessed the annual march against the violence of the bourgeois state in Paris. This violence, which the police most often employ in the poorer neighborhoods and during demonstrations, is the result of decades of the French state developing and enhancing the apparatus it uses to maintain order.

Historically, the French Republic has been built through violence against revolutionaries like those of the Paris Commune and against all of the colonized peoples. It is not surprising that today this same Republic uses these methods against those in the popular masses who refuse to get in line.

The “March of the Century” concerning environmental and ecological concerns was also held on March 16. Among the masses mobilized for the Yellow Jackets, the question of the environment was very relevant, since the government was accusing them of protesting against an “eco-friendly” measure. The responsibility of those who control the means of production was pointed out during the demonstrations, and people demanded that the environmental question be addressed by the masses.

Faced with liberal illusions that a small individual change is sufficient or that the state will do whatever it needs to improve the environment, we must always push the line that only the masses, the makers of history, can reverse the ecological destruction of capitalism by constructing a viable mode of production for humanity’s survival: socialism.

In summary, four months of Yellow Jackets and of countless struggles have given the masses more reasons to revolt. Let’s continue this path and advance towards revolution!