FRANCE: State Employs New Method for Incriminating Yellow Jackets

This is an English translation of an article originally published on La Cause de Peuple

On March 18, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe introduced a new measure to repress Yellow Jacket protesters, a “coded residue” which will be used by police starting next week.

The government will fire this chemical residue out of water cannons, which have been deployed en masse against the Yellow Jackets. An odorless and colorless substance, the residue is designed to stick on clothing, skin, and hair. Police will be able to use a UV light to determine whether a person was participating in a protest where the residue was used.

This new technology aligns with the government’s repressive goals against the mass movement which has been raging for months. The French state is more than willing to use these controversial methods to mark people in place as evidence.

The determination of the Yellow Jackets has not faltered in the face of this escalated repression. The state thinks that marking people with chemical products, poisoning them with gas, breaking their legs with billy clubs, and mutilating them with flash-balls (rubber ball projectiles) will stop the mass movement, but these efforts actually create more revolutionaries.

While the French state tries to single out those who would oppose it, its cruelty against the people is exposed in the process, and the masses will single out the state’s enemies as its leaders. Which is more dangerous? Being an enemy of the state or an enemy of the masses?