ECUADOR: Boycotts Impede Local Elections

By Ed Dalton

Elections in Ecuador are mandatory by law, but this has not stopped the masses from rebelling against the bourgeois electoral farce last month. Revolutionary and democratic organizations, mainly Frente de Defensa del Luchas del Pueblo (FDLP) issued calls for the 2019 election boycott.

These local elections were held to elect mayors, deputy mayors, urban councilors, and other legislative offices.

Due to mass resistance and acts of sabotage, the elections were suspended in some areas. Workers invaded and occupied multiple polling stations, where they proceeded to seize and burn the ballots showing that the masses no longer see any legitimacy in bourgeois elections.

According to A Novo Democracia’s report, “at least 36% of persons eligible to vote boycotted the electoral process through non-attendance (17%), voting null (11%) or blank (8%).” These numbers are high considering that it is a criminal act to abstain from voting or to boycott voting.

Workers even broke through military blockades in some areas and interrupted election meetings to trash and burn ballots. Despite the efforts of the armed forces, the police, and the Electoral Board, none of the militants or protesters were arrested in response to these actions.

True democracy does not mean being forced by law to vote for one bourgeois rat over another. It means the fight for New Democratic Revolution against the sham that is the bourgeois elections. The people of Ecuador will not see change though legitimizing the old and decrepit state. They have this in common with the people of the world. This is why Maoists, revolutionaries, and democratic people carry out election boycotts the world over.