FRANCE: Solidarity Actions Ramp Up for Yellow Vest Political Prisoners

The following article is a translation of two stories from our comrades at La Cause Du Peuple.

On April 10, two Yellow Vest comrades from the Clermont region were taken into custody because they had participated in a Yellow Vests demonstration on February 23.

After 48 hours, the comrades refused immediate trial (“comparution immédiat” is a French legal practice where those in custody for simple, lesser, or straightforward crimes may be tried immediately) and will therefore be judged on May 13. In the meantime, the judge decided to place them in detention for one month in prison.

Making revolution is not a crime! The imprisoned comrades are demonstrating that the justice of the French state is a justice of class, and a parody of justice. There is no place for truth in this justice.

The Young Revolutionaries of Clermont and CARA have been organizing assemblies in support of and solidarity with the indicted.

Clermont / Cournon


Solidarity from Nantes

In Saint-Nazaire the night of April 15, an explosion awoke the inhabitants of the Rue des Caboteurs, reports Ouest France. In front of the recruitment center of the imperialist army, a recruitment center vehicle was set on fire.


The act was claimed in the media by a group called Les Nouveaux Partisans (The New Partisans) accompanied by the following message: “This action is in reprisal against the repression that falls upon the proletariat of the French state. It is also a message of solidarity with the oppressed peoples of the French state.”

The statement ended with support for the Yellow Vests, notably those from Clermont imprisoned by the state. “Liberty for Téo Rienda, Tristan Haddouche and all the Yellow Vest political prisoners!”