AUSTIN: Solidarity with Martyred Revolutionary in Oaxaca, Mexico

By Ed Dalton. Version en español.

Incendiary received the following image, showing graffiti that reads, “Comandante Gato Vive en la lucha solidaridad de Austin a Oaxaca” (meaning in English “Commander Gato lives in the struggle, solidarity from Austin to Oaxaca). Next to the graffiti was the hammer and sickle of communism.

Commandante Gato refers to Mexican comrade Luis Armando Fuentes Aquino who was assassinated in San Francisco Ixhuatán, in Oaxaca by paramilitary reactionaries on April 11. The comrade was a member of the People’s Current-Red Sun, a revolutionary democratic organization in Mexico.

Maoist revolutionaries have a long history of utilizing the popular medium of graffiti to express their slogans and international solidarity. In the words of the Communist Party of Peru:

“Let graffiti be in big bold letters on the walls, because only there can the people really see and express their democracy. The walls are the sheets of books where the people write their prose, their poems, and their literary works to air their demands, their struggles and the songs of the Revolution.”