CHARLOTTE: Comrade Mike, Forever Present in the Struggle!

We reproduce this obituary posted to Serve The People-Charlotte, commemorating the life and service of Comrade Mike. Red Salute to our comrade who lives on in the struggle! – The Incendiary Editorial Board

Comrade Mike, forever present in the struggle!

Our dear comrade Kevin Rosano, known to his comrades as Mike, passed away on Tuesday, May 14 due to a seizure.

Mike was a fighter, a revolutionary and overall a person who put others before himself. In his last couple of months he was struggling with his health, and was unable to function at his full capacity due to his constant seizures. But even through this difficulty he tried his hardest to be present in his loved ones’ lives and in the movement.

With a booming voice and a rebellious spirit, he brought energy to the march for International Workers’ Day. This was his final action, and the last time many of us saw him. Even just 13 days before his death he was still a beacon of inspiration.

He was a shining light when it came to action, and he was firmly dedicated to fighting all class enemies. His heart always ached with the struggles of the masses, and he knew that if we hit the enemy and hit them hard, we can make them fall. He embodied this principle.

As a person, he was always seeing the best in people, he never allowed the people around him to struggle, though he never had a lot of money he helped as much as he could. He embodied a spirit of collectivism. His laugh, his smile, and his friendly demeanor were always a warm welcome to anyone and everyone. He could regularly be seen offering cigarettes to random people, yelling at rent-a-cops for harassing homeless people or affectionately greeting people with his famous phrase “yo brother.”

One time while on UNCC’s campus he saw a traffic enforcer issuing a random unoccupied car a parking ticket. Creative and unhesitating, he immediately walked up and said to the enforcer, “Yo he’s gonna be right back. Don’t give him a ticket.” The enforcer didn’t think twice about it, and walked away.

He made his mark in this city fighting for the masses of people and fighting against displacement. With righteous class hatred for parasites like Charlotte Center City Partners, Shook-Kelley, the racists over at Allegra Printing, and our local police department, there was no enemy Mike was afraid to confront.

We must carry his spirit every day, his bravery, his loving energy, his pride in the revolutionary movement. He will be missed every day for the rest our lives. We love comrade Mike so much, and the news of his death has struck our organization with tears and heartbreak. We send all our love to Mike’s family, who lost a son and brother. As well as the international proletariat who lost one its best fighters and a class brother. His physical body may be gone but Mike lives on.

Friends of Comrade Mike, Kevin Rosano, will be celebrating his life on Tuesday, May 21 at 8 pm, at 2731 Mayfair Ave. Please come with everything you loved about him on your minds and in your hearts, any specific memories that you had with him, and speak on them.