EUROPE: Boycott the EU Elections, Oppose the Imperialist Alliance

By Jakob Stein

The general parliamentary elections begin today in the European Union and are expected to last until May 26. The elections for European Parliament are a farce, not only in the way that all “democratic” elections under the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie are tools of the ruling class, but also in their complete impotency in everything except legitimizing the decisions of the European Commission. The bloated seven hundred-member parliament is akin to a high-school mock United Nations, in the sense that both are only playing at democracy.

The European Union is an alliance of countries, most of whom are imperialists in their own right or at the very least have their own imperialist ambitions, principally dominated by Germany, the strongest imperialist power in western Europe. The EU was founded under the guise of peaceful cooperation, but beyond the facade lies its true face: a tool for extracting superprofits from weaker member states and the third-world.

Many right-wing critics of the EU oppose it on the basis of a populist jingoism, based on a fear of immigration and a feeling that their own countries contribute more than they benefit. Germany is a perfect case-study to disprove this myth.

Germany is an export country, and it exported almost seven hundred and fifty billion Euros to other EU member states, about sixty percent of its total exports. With regard to tariffs and trade barriers, the EU works similar to free trade agreements like NAFTA, and in the final calculation stronger imperialist countries like Germany benefit greatly when they secure markets for export at a bargain, netting 1.9 trillion Euros over the past 20 years.

The EU is an attempt, after World War II, for the European imperialists to contend with the sole hegemonic superpower in the world today, the United States.

The masses already see through this dog and pony show. In 2014, over fifty percent of people abstained from voting in the elections. Revolutionaries around Europe have initiated campaigns to turn the passive boycott into an active boycotts in their countries. The following is a brief report on propaganda campaigns in several EU member countries. Follow Dem Volke DienenLa Cause du Peuple, and Kommunisten Föreningen for a closer look at the EU election boycott, and read the joint statement “Destroy the EU: Elections no, Revolution yes!” signed by several Maoist parties and organizations in English here.


Austrian communists held cultural programs and discussions with the masses on the subject of the European Union and the election boycott in Vienna and Innsbruck.

“Down with the EU! Long live internationalism!”


In France, there has been a huge effort in promoting the EU election boycott, the following is only a small sample of the massive propaganda campaign that has included demonstrations, posters, graffiti, and direct outreach to the masses.

Promotion of the election boycott in France on May 1st
Jeunes Révolutionnaires (Revolutionary Youth) promote the election boycott on the walls of the popular neighborhoods
“Vote: No, Fight: Yes”
French comrades have been prolific in spreading propaganda around the country on city streets


Direct outreach to the masses promoting the EU election Boycott in France


Photos from Bremen in the Federal Republic of Germany, revolutionaries spread the message of the EU election boycott and promoted the People’s War in India.

Election boycott propaganda alongside a call for solidarity with the Communist Part of India (Maoist) and the People’s War in India
Revolutionary propaganda distributed directly to mailboxes


In Stockholm, communists held a “race against the EU.” Different groups of people raced through the city center in a contest to see who could place the most election boycott stickers on the election posters for pro-EU parties. The results did not disappoint, with pro-imperialist propaganda being turned into its opposite: a revolutionary call to organize and oppose bourgeois parliamentarism.

Images from the  “Stockholm race against the EU”