CHARLOTTE: Gathering Held in Memory of Comrade Mike

By Gabriel Roshan

On May 21 a group of 33 people gathered to commemorate the revolutionary life of Comrade Mike, Kevin Rosano. This included his family, friends and members of various organizations that sought to eulogize him.

According to his father on May 14, Comrade Mike was found dead at the family home. While there is no conclusive evidence, his family believes it was due to seizures. In the waning days of his life he was struggling with the reemergence of seizures due to his epilepsy. He died at 27 years old, eight days before his birthday.

Comrade Mike was a leader in Serve the People-Charlotte (STP-C). In his honor STP-C called for the memorial to remember his life in service of the people.

The night began with attendees placing paper bags with small candles inside, which had been ornamented with red tissue paper, around the park. People slowly trickled in as 8 p.m. approached. Large pictures of Comrade Mike were placed in various parts of the park, with two pictures of him masked flanked by flares, burning bright red as a symbol of his commitment to the class struggle and socialist revolution.

Com Mike

As people arrived, one of the organizers with STP-C gathered everyone in a circle, said a few words about why they were there today, and opened it up to his family. His mother told the crowd he was their youngest, “a chatter box” and passionate about politics—which would be echoed by everyone throughout the night. His dad thanked everyone for attending, reiterating how great it was to see how many people cared for Comrade Mike.

After his family spoke, it was opened to the crowd to share stories they remembered about him. People talked about his friendliness, welcoming attitude, and his desire to struggle for correct political lines. He desired unity through struggle, a true sign of a revolutionary.

After about an hour of sharing stories, people gathered red balloons and observed a moment of silence for Comrade Mike before releasing them. Before the balloons were released, the group reiterated that Comrade Mike lives on in the struggle; they chanted “Comrade Mike, presente!” followed by “Kevin Rosano, presente!” as his parents released the balloons in the air.

The red balloons were symbols for Communism and world proletarian revolution, a goal Comrade Mike was fully dedicated to.  Even though many memorial services release balloons in the air, STP-C said it was important to use red balloons because Comrade Mike spent the last year of his life struggling to turn Charlotte red.

He was a brave class partisan, a revolutionary to his core, and a strong supporter of the red line in the International Communist Movement (ICM). He was a son of the final class in history—the proletariat. For his work, he should always be remembered in the hearts and minds of the ICM.


His death is not a tragedy. It is a heroic call to arms. All those fighting for a new world ought to embody the spirit of Comrade Mike. Embodying it is to make revolution, to stand and struggle alongside the oppressed and exploited. This parasitic system of capitalism-imperialism must be defeated, and even though the revolutionary forces have lost one of their best fighters, now is the time to use Comrade Mike’s spirit to carry us forward towards Communism.

Comrade Mike, presente!

Comrade Mike lives on in the struggle!