LOS ANGELES: No Charges Filed for the May Day 24

By Zein Amari

On Thursday, activists and revolutionaries who were arrested at the militant May Day march in Boyle Heights – known as the May Day 24 – appeared for their arraignment. Initially, all were charged with rioting, yet no charges ended up being filed with the court.

According to some members of the May Day 24, the police may be trying to build up a case for the future.

The night of the arrest, police seized all phones and cameras, the cameras belonging to a reporter and photographer for Incendiary. Generally, with the exception of revolutionary reporters, bringing phones and recording equipment to a protest or action is an unnecessary risk for participants.

As the old bourgeois state and reactionary forces crack down on the revolutionary movement in the US, activists, Communists, and revolutionaries must do better and be more disciplined with their personal property.

At court while activists were talking about getting their confiscated property back, some noticed Marcella Macias, also known as “Xela De La X” as it appears on her social media, leader of the postmodernist anarchist group the O.V.A.S. (Overthrowing Vendidos, Authority & State).

Founder and leader of the O.V.A.S., Marcella Macias, also known as “Xela de la X,” harassed and recorded members of the May Day 24 and their supporters in court on Thursday.

The O.V.A.S. were expelled from the revolutionary anti-gentrification organization Defend Boyle Heights for unprincipled behavior and slander against fellow members. While DBH is reconstituting itself, purging itself from liberal and anti-communist elements, the O.V.A.S. are absent in the revolutionary struggles in Boyle Heights, and in Los Angeles in general.

Xela began to film and approach the group. As she came forward, the group did the same. While most of the May Day 24 recorded and documented Xela’s behavior, a small group blocked Xela’s path. According to a witness, Xela’s cell phone was smacked out of her hand. As she was picking up her phone, she repeatedly said, “Go ahead, catch another charge.”

Xela’s belligerency was confronted by not only the May Day 24 but by their supporters as well. Activists, revolutionaries and their supporters left the court as a random witness began to speak to the police. While Xela, who occasionally claims to be an anarchist, stayed behind aligning with the state’s repression against anti-gentrification activists and revolutionaries by attempting to dox them.

While no one as of yet has been charged, fundraising for the 24 marchers continues. The group concluded the day with a study session, reading and studying the historic document “International May Day 2019: Dare to struggle, dare to win!” that was endorsed by Communists around the world who are constituting or reconstituting Communist Parties in their countries to direct People’s War, or already engaged in People’s War.

To support the May Day 24, donate to their online fundraiser: https://gogetfunding.com/support-the-may-day-24/.