LOS ANGELES: Banners Over Highway Support Antifascists and #MayDay24

By Ulrike Salazar

Hundreds of people saw two big Communist banners hanging off freeway overpasses yesterday on their way to work in Boyle Heights. Both banners had solidarity slogans in support of antifascists and the 24 marchers arrested on May Day.

The red antifascist banner was adorned with a yellow hammer and sickle and the slogans “Apoya a tu antifascistas,” (In English, “support your antifascists”) and “Luchar, fallar, luchar otra ves … hasta la victoria. Eso es la logica de la gente – Mao” (In English, “Fight, fail, fight again … until victory. That is the logic of the People – Mao).

English: “Support your antifascists. Fight, fail, fight again … until victory, that is the logic of the people – Mao”.

The other banner had an image of three masked Communists with the slogans “It is right to rebel” and “Long live the #MayDay24”, the name given to the 24 marchers arrested at the militant May Day march in Boyle Heights last month.

“It is right to rebel. Long live the #MayDay 24”.

In addition to the banners, there has been propaganda created and circulated on social media in support of the 24 May Day marchers.

To support the May Day 24, donate to their online fundraiser: https://gogetfunding.com/support-the-may-day-24/.

People can also order May Day 24 T-Shirts at https://redstorefront.storenvy.com/products/27607176-support-the-may-day-24-t-shirts.