LOS ANGELES: Propaganda Calls for Firing of Anti-Communist

By Matt Handocerdos

Incendiary received the following photos yesterday of propaganda targeting anti-communist Marcella Macias, known as “Xela,” who opportunistically harassed May Day participants, known as the May Day 24, facing state repression at court last month.

Xela, founder and leader of the postmodern anarchist group Overthowing Vendidos Authority and the State (OVAS), works at the day labor and immigrant rights nonprofit CARECEN, which administers the day labor center in Westlake.

The posters call for CARECEN to fire Xela, they read: “MARCELLA MACIAS IS: A chauvinist who doxxes revolutionaries, a friend of police repression against Communists, a xenophobe who tells activists ‘you’re not from here!’”

Xela and the OVAS were expelled from the revolutionary anti-gentrification organization Defend Boyle Heights (DBH) earlier this year for anti-communist hostility and reactionary attacks on fellow organizers within DBH, mainly against the member-organizations of Serve the People – Los Angeles and the 1917 Crew.

In addition to Xela and the OVAS, a handful of reactionary and conservative cultural nationalists have also joined them, including Raul Gonzalez, a supporter of the sell-out pro-gentrification nonprofit Self-Help Graphics & Art.

The OVAS and the cultural nationalists are suspected of using photos of doxxed Maoists and activists in Los Angeles directly from fascist websites like Far Left Watch and using them to generate childish memes and fake social media accounts. In this way, the anti-communist anarchist and cultural nationalist forces align with the fascists.

While the reactionary OVAS and nationalist camp dedicate their time and energy to harassing anti-gentrification activists and Communists, the mass work led by Communists continues to grow more militant.