Day of Heroism Commemorated Throughout US

By Ed Dalton

Incendiary received photos and reports from around the US in commemoration of the Day of Heroism. The revolutionary example of the masses and the heroes of the People’s War in Peru continue to inspire working people around the world.

While the reactionary decaying old Peruvian state attempted to erase the memory of the fallen heroes of the People’s Guerrilla Army who bravely resisted genocide in 1986, their cause is immortal and the best children of the proletariat are not forgotten in the streets of the US. Every commemoration is a firm statement against US imperialism, the number one oppressor of the world’s people.

Graffiti is the language and art of the people, the people of the US who do not have a platform for their voices through bourgeois owned media take to the walls to express their outrage and solidarity with the people of Peru. Such bold actions as the repainting of the imperialist monument to World War I forced the ruling class media to observe the prison massacres for the first time in decades, inadvertently educating the US masses on the Day of Heroism, something the schools in this imperialist country will not teach.


According to one bourgeois outlet in Kansas City, “KCTV5 brings attention to the date, not just because of international historic significance, but also because overnight Tuesday the National World War I Museum was vandalized with the date.”

One thing is for certain, without the graffiti commemorating the fallen heroes of El Fronton, Callao, and Lurigancho, the US ruling class, and by extension their news outlets, would have been happy to remain silent.

This year also presents a special significance as it not only sees international commemoration of the Day of Heroism, but the architect of prison genocides, the fascist Alan Garcia has followed his leader Adolf Hitler down the path of suicide, a reactionary to the end whose final crime was to deny the people his execution.

If you have seen revolutionary art and slogans commemorating the Day of Heroism in your city, or are aware of any actions in support of the Day of Heroism please send photos and a brief description to Incendiary and we will be updating this story as we receive further documentation from readers and supporters.

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