PITTSBURGH: Day of Heroism Commemorated Outside Jail

By Samantha Murray

On Wednesday, militants and activists held a demonstration in front of Allegheny County Jail (ACJ) to commemorate the Day of Heroism, leading chants, delivering a speech, then marching down Second Avenue downtown. Militants held flags bearing the hammer and sickle and a red banner that read “Imperialism will only harvest storms” and “Glory to the fallen heroes! June 19, Day of Heroism.”

One militant gave a speech about the heroism of the combatants in Peruvian prisons who were martyred fighting against reaction and how they understood the necessity of transforming prisons and jails like ACJ into shining trenches of combat. The speaker connected the Day of Heroism to Juneteenth, the holiday celebrating the end of slavery for the Black Nation, and the anniversary of the murder of Antwon Rose, Jr., calling prisons “annihilation zones” for the oppressed nations and the working class.

“Here in ACJ, and in all jails and prisons, as the revolutionary movement organized by Communists advances, the police, [correction officers], and wardens, will come to fear the cause of revolutionary prisoners,” the speaker said.

A man leaving the jail saw the protest and voiced his support, raising his fist and replying, “Hell yeah!” and “Keep that shit going!” The demonstration also received support from onlookers stopping by the jail.

The speech ended with the slogan, “Glory to the fallen heroes, long live the revolution!” which was echoed by demonstrators. Chants such as “What the hell are we fighting for? Revolution, people’s war!” and “Glory to the Day of Heroism!” could be heard as the demonstration marched down the street.