GERMANY: Day of Heroism Commemorated in Large Show of Support for India’s Political Prisoners

By Ed Dalton

Revolutionaries and Maoists in Germany took to the streets on June 19, internationally known as the Day of Heroism to honor and struggle for the political prisoners and prisoners of war in India. The specific focus of the campaign was to draw support for the Maoist leader Ajith and revolutionary democratic prisoner professor G.N. Saibaba.

A protest was held in front of the Indian Embassy in Hamburg by both German and Turkish revolutionaries. Solidarity with the people’s war in India and against imperialism was expressed in speeches with a focus on opposing the targeting of Indian communists.

“It is clear that the consulate does not want these crimes to be denounced, it does not want them to be public knowledge, and international solidarity with political prisoners in India is demonstrated; it does not want pressure on the Indian rulers. False accusations, torture and murder are ancient tools used against the revolutionary movement: the reaction tries to break comrades in jail as part of their counterrevolutionary action,” said one of the Maoist speakers.

Large banners were hung from the sides of several bridges and roadways, condemning the persecution of revolutionaries and showing solidarity with the Communist Party of India (Maoist), several walls were painted with similar slogans.

“Long Live the Communist Party of India (Maoist)”
“Long Live the People’s War in India”
“Freedom for All Political Prisoners in India!”
“Freedom for the Revolutionary Prisoners of War in India”

The young Maoists of Essen and Freiburg also hung banners strategically throughout their cities. In Freiburg the Maoists also made a video of a speech defending the people’s war in solidarity with CPI (Maost), which explained the fascist tendencies of the old decaying Indian state. In the video the comrades burned an effigy of Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi of the Hindu-fascist party BJP.

freiburg maos modi

In the city if Bremen a march was held which was in solidarity with the political prisoners throughout the International Communist Movement. The demonstration included newspaper distribution and speeches delivered against the role of imperialist Germany in the repression of Turkish revolutionaries.

March for the Day of Heroism and in solidarity with political prisoners in India in Bremen
Signs of solidarity for political prisoners, including Chairman Gonzalo in Peru and Georges Ibrahim Abdallah in France

By defending revolutionary prisoners on June 19 the comrades observed the Day of Heroism, which was observed by Maoists all over the world in commemoration of the heroic resistance carried out against the Peruvian state forces in the Shining Trenches of Combat at Callao women’s prison, El Fronton prison, and Lurigancho in which combatants of the People’s Guerrilla Army, the Peruvian masses, and the Communist Party of Peru laid down their lives to be forever remembered as heroic examples of how to lead a revolutionary life and earn a revolutionary death.