AUSTIN: Down with Bolsonaro and US Imperialism

By Jakob Stein

Incendiary received the following photo from Austin, TX, it reads “Down with Bolsonaro and US Imperialism, Support the struggle in Brazil” and is accompanied by a hammer and sickle.


Fascist President Jair Bolsonaro recently made headlines again when he attended the final match of the Copa America Soccer Tournament between Brazil and Peru, and was met with boos from the crowd as he and his entourage stepped onto the pitch. Bolsonaro was elected for his appeals to right-wing populism, but has since been repudiated by most of the country, including many of his former supporters.

His six month tenure in office has been marked by massive protests and debilitating strikes across the country, as well as embarrassing scandals like the recent leak of Justice Minister Sérgio Moro’s phone conversations, which prove that he aided prosecutors when acting as a judge in order to jail revisionist political leader Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Anti-people policies, like dismantling the Brazilian pension system, his service to the latifundio (large landowners), and his role as a lackey of US imperialism have only served to make him more unpopular among the masses as well as strengthen the popular movements against his reactionary government.

Revolutionaries in the US have been inspired by the people’s struggle in Brazil, against both Bolsonaro and the reactionary armed forces, and have expressed their solidarity on the walls of the popular neighborhoods in Austin along with a call to destroy US imperialism.

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