ITALY: Police Raid Uncovers Weapons, Missile in Neo-Nazi Possession

By Mike Talavera

In the north Italian city of Gallarate, police announced Monday that they had seized a cache of illegal weapons, including a Matra Super 530 F short-to-medium range air-to-air missile, from fascist politician Fabio Del Bergiolo. He and two others are currently being detained as part of a General Investigations and Special Operations Division (DIGOS) probe into Italian fascist groups involved in the ongoing inter-imperialist war in Ukraine.

The arsenal at Del Bergiolo’s home included assault rifles, submachine guns, and various small arms all surrounded by Nazi paraphernalia and images. The missile was found in a hanger owned by one of the detainees, Swiss National Alessandro Monti, not armed with explosives but in otherwise perfect working order. The casing it was found in shows that it was originally sold to the Qatar military in 1980.


The Matra missile was not armed with explosives, but it was otherwise fully functional.

Forza Nuovo (New Force), the far-right party that Fabio Del Bergiolo belongs to, has been subjected to numerous raids and arrests over the past few weeks, including the arrest of high-level official Luigi Cortese for publicly celebrating fascist leader Benito Mussolini, an act currently prohibited under Italian law.

Forza Nuovo and other Italian fascist groups are suspected of having sent members to the Donbass region of the Ukraine for combat experience, training, and weapons looting. These fascist mercenaries then return home better equipped to terrorize and attack immigrants and those they identify as leftists. Last month in Rome, a fascist gang attacked four men for attending a Cinema America, an outdoor theater known for showing left-leaning films.

While Del Bergiolo did not have the means to use the Matra missile he somehow acquired, authorities believe that he intended to sell it, possibly to Libya or Iran, oppressed nations that Russia has been making recent efforts to bring closer under its influence against the world’s sole superpower, US imperialism.

The police seizure of these weapons will not stop the fascists, nor is that their intention. Different camps within the Italian government want to protect their own narrow interests, sometimes condemning fascists and other times using them to their own advantage.

The Italian state wants to appease US imperialism, but it is also vulnerable to fascist forces usurping the current bureaucracy. Like everything reactionary, the Italian fascist movement will not fall until it is hit.