FRANCE: Support the Hunger Strike of Political Prisoner Comrade Théo!

Editorial by the Incendiary Board

In Nantes, France on July 22, Communist militant, labor activist, anti-fascist, and Yellow Vest, Comrade Théo was arrested at work and placed in six months of confinement for protesting reactionary labor laws.

“Freedom for Théo: Théo El Ghozzi, worker militant, is imprisoned for his ideas. On hunger strike since July 22 to demand recognition of his status as a political prisoner, his transfer to Riom Prison, and freedom for all political prisoners, particularly Georges Ibrahim Abdallah.”

Comrade Théo is among the best children of the proletariat, he lives a life that is dedicated to arduous struggle and serves the people wholeheartedly, just as Mao teaches. He has already begun converting his prison into a shining trench of combat; on Monday he began a hunger strike to be recognized as a political prisoner as well as to demand freedom for all political prisoners, particularly prisoner of the Palestinian struggle Georges Ibrahim Abdallah.

The old decaying reactionary French state has persecuted hundreds of workers and comrades of the Yellow Vest movement. Like a vicious cornered beast it has resorted to the foulest oppression, and the persecution of comrade Théo must be answered with international militancy; his hunger is not from lack of food but from lack of justice for our class siblings.

“Freedom for the Yellow Vests!”

A Communist militant from the US spoke to Incendiary about Comrade Théo: “In all my years of struggle, I have met only a scarce few comrades who embodied the struggle in the way of Comrade Théo. From dawn to dusk, sleeping for only a few hours a night, he ate, breathed, and lived his revolutionary commitments. Théo is a Bolshevik to his core, in the realest sense of the word, an inspiration to all fellow travelers in the struggle. His mode of plain living, his blunt and direct expressions of advanced communist theory spreads revolution anywhere he goes, I have no doubt that he is resolved to carry out his struggle all the way.”

No stranger to state repression, Comrade Théo has spent years in the struggle speckled with arrests and legal restrictions, at one point being forbidden from entering his hometown. Comrade Théo is a proletarian who fully understands the anger and frustration of the masses who are chained to the factory alongside him in production, and in struggle he invokes the right to rebel.

“He now resides in the small prison, but make no mistake we workers know only the large prison, without revolution we will not begin to experience true and lasting freedom” the US comrade elaborated, “it is our internationalist duty to educate our class here in the US about Comrade Théo, the Yellow Vest movement, and the struggles of the French proletariat led by their vanguard, the Maoist Communist Party in the French state.”

Illustration from USA in solidarity with the Maoist Communist Party in the French state and the Yellow Vest movement

Incendiary firmly upholds the call to defend and support Comrade Théo and the other Yellow Vest militants, Téo and Tristan, who are also incarcerated at this time; we call on our supporters to dedicate actions and statements of unwavering solidarity to them.

Banner from May 1 in France: “Freedom for Tristan, Téo, and all the Yellow Vests”
Jeunes Révolutionnaires: “Free Théo and all political prisoners!”

“The imperialists, including the French state, have their gendarmes, prisons, courts, and laws, all oriented to crush the rebellion of the proletariat, but in the final analysis they represent only a doomed class, a doomed system, they look up from the grave we have already dug them. We, the proletarians of the world only have one another, courageous militants like Théo, Téo, and Tristan, and our most blessed burden to make revolution, it is the imperialists that will be eradicated from the face of the earth and it is we who will win, for communism.” He concluded.

Incendiary will provide up to date reports on the struggles of the political prisoners in France as well as English translations of important French articles.