INDIA: Comrade Ajith is Free!

By Mike Talavera

On July 23, Maoist theoretician Comrade Ajith, also known as Konnath Muralidharan, was released on bail from the high-security Yerawada Central Jail in Maharashtra. He has been in prison for four years, for his alleged association with the Communist Party of India (Maoist) which has led the People’s Liberation Guerilla Army (PLGA) in a Protracted People’s War against the old Indian state.

Comrade Ajith outside of prison

Having been denied medical attention during his time in prison, Comrade Ajith has suffered immensely at the hands of the ultra-reactionary Modi administration, which seeks to make an example of him. Despite the genocidal plans of reaction, the High Court in Bombay granted bail to Comrade Ajith after consistent pressure from his supporters leading up to this month’s victory.

Many solidarity actions within and outside of India have put pressure on the courts to concede letting Comrade Ajith out from prison. In March, there was an international week of solidarity with the People’s War in India where activists and militants across the globe carried out demonstrations and made calls for Comrade Ajith’s release.

Demonstrators carry signs calling for Ajith’s release on March 22 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

There was one message of solidarity in Austin on the Day of Heroism for Comrade Ajith, but it pales in comparison to the well-organized and prolific solidarity efforts in other countries. There should be much more initiative and care given to international solidarity by revolutionaries in the United States.

Graffiti in Austin, TX from the Day of Heroism calls for the release of Indian political prisoners Comrade Ajith and G.N. Saibaba

There is no doubt that the Indian state will continue its persecution of Comrade Ajith and will not rest until he is back behind bars. While Comrade Ajith is out, there are still many political prisoners like Comrade Theo (who is on hunger strike) who remain in the clutches of reaction. Solidarity efforts must be bold to support these comrades, but the best way to show solidarity to those in the small prisons is to rattle the bars and smash the walls of US imperialism, the prison house of nations. Freedom to all political prisoners!