LOS ANGELES: Posters Target Venue for Hosting Nazi Band

By Bill Smith

On July 25, wheatpasted flyers appeared at BLVD Cafe & Bar, located at 2631 Whittier Blvd in Boyle Heights, detailing fascist bands who have played at the establishment. One of the bar’s promoters, Mona Luna, continues to book explicitly fascist bands like Orden de Sangre y Sol and other reactionary groups like Mentors, who have performed there in the past 6 months.

One of the flyers showed Mona Luna’s Swatstika and other fascist tattoos as well as screenshots of her making fun of antifascist activists protesting the Nazi band Horna, which she supports. Other flyers gave detailed explanations of how these bands promote fascist symbology and clothing as well as anti-women lyrics and imagery.

Flyers detail Nazi imagery used by band Orden de Sangre y Sol and booker Mona Luna

At an event two years ago, antifascist activists and supporters of revolutionary organization Defend Boyle Heights (DBH) chased out several Nazi skinheads who were attempting to go to the bar. An SS pin, a switchblade, and some boots were recovered by the antifascist forces.

Antifascist victories occur when the masses are organized into a hammer to smash these snakes. This means principally raising the political consciousness of the masses and secondarily conducting combat training, learning to investigate and expose these enemies of the people.

Readers can support this antifascist campaign by sending emails, making calls, paying a visit to the bar and commenting on the bar’s social media pages to let them know that venues hosting Nazi or fascist bands will not be tolerated in Boyle Heights.