FRANCE: Fire Set at Dealership in Attack Against Sexist Boss

This article was translated from La Cause Du Peuple. Some edits have been made for context and clarity.

On July 25, the Partisan Combatant Forces (FCP) claimed responsibility for the burning of the Zangrandi dealership storefront and its commercial vehicles in Lons-le-Saunier, in the Jura area, in a retaliatory attack against the sexist boss.

Previously on March 8, International Working Women’s Day, the storefront had been tagged with the words “Sexist, thief, enemy of the people!”  along with acronym of the Maoist Communist Party and the hammer and sickle. These actions demand reparations for the insults and crimes of the boss against women, both workers and customers, whom he calls “fucking stupid women” and forces to pay inflated prices for cars.

Zangrandi Dealership tagged on March 8.

Le Progres and other bourgeois media outlets reported this event by describing it as the latest incident following the tagging of March 8. In the print edition of the paper, Le Progres even offered an interview with the dealership boss, the same one who is being targeted by the FCP. Nowhere does the article mention the customers and workers who work there, only the boss, who claims to get along with everyone!

Faced with the despicable coverage of the bourgeois media that gives a platform to the worst exploiters, La Cause du Peuple rises to the occasion. We have received the communication from the FCP and are sharing excerpts which explain this action:

“For all his customers and workers, and for all the employees, this thug boss exploits [them] and is a nuisance. Our action is an attack directed at him in particular, because of his sexist bourgeois behavior known throughout Lons-le-Saunier. We support all the employees and their righteous struggle against their asshole boss,” the communication said. “We will always support women workers and our class! These actions are only the beginning!”