FRANCE: Comrade Théo Releases Letter, Enters Third Week of Hunger Strike

Photo: Graffiti from the Languedoc.

This public letter from Comrade Théo (a Communist militant, worker, and political prisoner who has been on hunger strike since July 22) was translated from the French version shared by Jeunes Révolutionnaires (Young Revolutionaries) and is dated 7/31/2019. Comrades can donate to Comrade Théo’s legal fund here.

Graffiti from Quartier Rouge in Lyon.


I would first like to thank you for your solidarity.

Since Monday, July 22 at 11 am, I am imprisoned by the French State. The police came for me in my factory – I’m a welder. Everything happened very fast; the cops notified me that I was in judicial retention in relation to an action on June 23, 2016 (during the movement against the labor law) when I had been sentenced to 6 months in prison, suspended. I wouldn’t have responded to “summons” sent to an address where I have never stayed and which I had no knowledge of, but they removed my suspension. On Monday at 6 pm, here I am in jail!

The day after my incarceration, I learned on television that I’m here for damages on De Rugy’s apartment – until then, these facts were never mentioned by the cops. It is obvious that these are the political shenanigans of the police and of the French middle class to attack the revolutionary movement. I’ve never hidden. I’ve always worked in a direct way, I even received letters from the Public Treasury at my home.

If they wanted to stop me, they have had the opportunity for a long time! So why come and pick me up in a factory in which I had only started working since Friday, July 19 – after I had just finished a temp job? The political reason for my imprisonment is more than obvious!

Since Monday, July 22, 6 pm – time of my last meal – I’m on unlimited hunger strike. My demands are:

– getting the status of political prisoner.

– my transfer to the prison of Riom.

– this hunger strike is also in solidarity with revolutionary political prisoners and in particular with the fellow Georges Ibrahim Abdallah.

The director of the prison is aware of my hunger strike. I was contacted by the chief of the guards who told me that if I continued, I will find myself in a “mental unit, tank and screwed.” That’s how the French bourgeois “democracy” treats its opponents.

Once again comrades, thank you.


Freedom for all political prisoners!

In the face of repression, let’s make blows for blows!

Down with imperialism and its guard dogs!

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Let’s dare to fight! Let’s dare to defeat!


Theo El Ghozi, the 31/07/2019

Prisoner: 69139

Promotional Poster in Support of Comrade Théo