AUSTIN: Solidarity with Comrade Théo, Political Prisoner on Hunger Strike

Photo: Graffiti seen in Austin reads, “From Austin to France, Combat + Resist! Free Comrade Théo!

By Jakob Stein

Overnight several displays of solidarity with Comrade Théo, political prisoner of the French state, went up around Austin including graffiti and posters.

Comrade Théo started a hunger strike in late July after his arrest, demanding recognition as a political prisoner as well as freedom for all political prisoners, particularly Georges Abdallah. He temporarily stopped the hunger strike on August 4 due to pressure from friends concerned about his health, but he resumed on August 9 and remains on hunger strike today.

Comrade Théo is living in very poor conditions and has had his mail withheld by the prison, which has prevented him from communicating with lawyers, even though several are interested in taking his case. He has assured his supporters that these repressive measures have only served to strengthen his determination.

Revolutionary organization Jeunes Révolutionnaires (Young Revolutionaries) announced recently that there will be a major action before the end of the summer in response to this injustice. International supporters should also plan solidarity actions in support of Comrade Théo and his hunger strike.


Flyers describing the struggle of Comrade Théo and linking to the Incendiary article.


“From Austin to France, Combat + Resist! Free Comrade Théo!”

“Turn the Prisons into Shining Trenches of Combat! Freedom for Comrades Théo and Georges Abdallah!”

“Free Comrade Théo, Hero of the Working Class!”

“Free Théo, Political Prisoner of the French State!”