MEXICO: Displaced Triquis of San Miguel Copala Celebrate 2-Year Occupation in Oaxaca

Photo: Displaced Indigenous Triquis read statement in the city square of Oaxaca

By Jakob Stein

This week the Mexican revolutionary organization Current of the People Red Sun (Sol Rojo) released a statement from the displaced Triquis of San Miguel Copala, commemorating the two years of occupation in the Zocalo (city square) in the city of Oaxaca.

More than 150 indigenous Triquis families from the community of San Miguel Copala, in the municipality of Putla Villa de Guerrero, have been displaced from their homes by violent paramilitaries since 2010. Over the past 9 years of displacement, dozens including children have lost their lives or have been disappeared in the midst of ambushes.

Displaced Triquis march through Oaxaca

The displaced Triquis identify the old landlord-bureaucratic state and the system of semi-feudalism that prevails in the region as principal enemies. On August 24, 2017 they established the plantón in Oaxaca and have occupied the city square over the past two years in protest of the government’s lack of action with regard to their repatriation. The plantón (in English “camp”) was established the day after another one of the Triquis, Roberto López Mateo, died under the miserable circumstances of displacement.

Revolutionaries of Sol Rojo have supported the fight of the displaced indigenous community through their Campaign for Justice and Rights of the People, including as one of their five demands, “for the comprehensive reparation of damage and compliance with the precautionary measures of the displaced Triquis families of San Miguel Copala.” They have fought side-by-side with health workers, poor peasants, and revolutionary activists in the struggle for New Democratic Revolution against the reactionary old Mexican state, semi-feudality, and bureaucratic capitalism. Their fight demonstrates the fierceness and tenacity of the masses who struggle for revolution in the face of lackeys of US imperialism, the big landlords who exploit poor farmers, and reactionary paramilitaries and drug cartels that terrorize people across the country.

Below we reproduce a partial translation of the statement, readers can see the full Spanish version here.


“What do we, the displaced Triquis from San Miguel Copala, want?

Justice! And that means the integral reparation of the damage that the old land-bureaucratic state has deepened against us after forced internal displacement.

We demand that the state and federal governments comply with the Guiding Principles of Internally Displaced Persons, agreed by the UN Human Rights Commission, although we are perfectly clear that the old state will not do so, and that at the end of the day, justice should arrive through the struggle and rebellion of the masses.

Our occupation will continue as long as necessary. Our fight does not expire. We are convinced that only with the Agrarian and Anti-Imperialist Revolution the oppressed peoples and the poor peasantry will be able to sweep the odious semi-feudality that weighs on our backs.

Agrarian Revolution, death to the latifundio!”