MEXICO: March Against Forced Disappearance, Solidarity Graffiti in Austin

Photo: Hundreds of protesters march through Oaxaca for the International Day of the Detained/Disappeared

By Jakob Stein

Last Friday marked the International Day of the Detained/Disappeared, and demonstrators from revolutionary organization Current of the People Red Sun (Sol Rojo) took to the streets to demand the presentation of Dr. Ernesto Sernas García alive.

Sol Rojistas took to the streets of Oaxaca to demand “Present Dr. Sernas’ Alive!”

Dr. Sernas was an active militant of Sol Rojo, a professor at the Autonomous University Benito Juárez of Oaxaca (UABJO), and defender of the rights of the people. He was forcefully disappeared on May 10, 2018, while providing legal defense for 22 activists falsely charged with transporting explosives.

Since Dr. Sernas’ disappearance, the activists have been acquitted and Sol Rojo, along with other popular organizations, have taken up the fight for his presentation alive across the state of Oaxaca and internationally. Sol Rojo has included this as the first and principal demand of their Campaign for Justice and the Rights of the People.

Large banner carried by education unions: National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE) and National Union of Education Workers Section 22 Oaxaca (SNTE)
Popular movements hold demonstration to promote justice for the detained and disappeared in Oaxaca

The same weekend in Austin, graffiti went up in solidarity with the popular struggle in Oaxaca being led by the revolutionaries of Sol Rojo. Both pieces read “With the Red Sun the people will win!” a slogan used by the revolutionary organization. They also included words of solidarity for the many disappeared by the reactionary old Mexican State; one repeats the popular slogan used by Sol Rojo, “Present Dr. Sernas Alive!” while the other reads “Justice for the Disappeared!”

“With the Red Sun (Sol Rojo) the people will win. Present Dr. Sernas alive!” (Austin, TX)
“With the Red Sun (Sol Rojo) the people will win. Justice for the disappeared!” (Austin, TX)