AUSTIN: “No Domain On Riverside” Graffiti Seen Near Apartments Facing Demolition

Photo: “No Domain On Riverside” Graffiti on Wickersham Ln. in Austin

By David Martinez

On Wednesday, graffiti reading “No Domain On Riverside” appeared on the streets of Austin by The Quad apartments, which are facing demolition in order to build the Domain on Riverside, the massive luxury project that area residents have resisted for over a year and a half.

Graffiti also appeared on the sidewalk at a major bus stop that is heavily used by the students and workers who live in the complexes. Other graffiti appeared along Wickersham Lane, which is the primary road serving the complexes.

The plans showing where the current Parke Green shopping center stands would be buildings as part of the Domain On Riverside

Incendiary recently published plans that show that a nearby popular shopping center is also in the developers’s crosshairs, illustrating that they will not be satisfied with only demolishing the low-cost apartments that serve workers and students, but also seek to destroy businesses that are accessible and frequented by the working class of the area.

Austin city council will take their final vote on October 17 to decide whether to authorize the rezoning that the developers require in order to build the project. Revolutionary organization Defend Our Hoodz and Riverside residents have called for a rally to protest the city council and have vowed to continue fighting no matter which way the vote goes.

“No Domain On Riverside” Graffiti on Wickersham Ln. in Austin