Ecuador: The Fight Escalates Throughout the Country

Quito, 10/12/19

This article is a translation from Periódico El Pueblo.

By Javier De Paz

Amid clouds of tear gas and pepper spray launched by the repressive state forces, protestors fled a peaceful attempt to occupy the National Assembly in Ecuador’s capital, Quito.

The number of wounded, missing, or detained protestors increases, meanwhile the bourgeois press, both national and foreign, present the conflict as an isolated incident.

La Conaie and other political and social forces have rejected any dialogue with the Moreno government and the imperialist IMF, unanimously chanting, “¡Fuera FMI, Fuera Moreno!” (“Get out IMF! Get Out Moreno!”)

Likewise, attempts to present the protests as only an indigenous revolt should be denounced. Many different sections of the population (workers, peasants, doctors, lawyers, and students) came together against the corruption.

Solidarity amongst the masses and indigenous people across cities is vast. Housing, soup kitchens, and a network of doctors and nurse volunteers have been organized throughout the country.

Testimonies from outlets like TeleSUR have amplified the rage of the protestors against the IMF’s puppet Moreno government, expressing the need for popular victory.

Major explosions are reported near the National Assembly area where the largest contingent of indigenous and working class forces are, reports CONFENIAE.