PITTSBURGH: “Free Théo” Graffiti in Solidarity with Political Prisoner of French State

Photo: Solidarity graffiti with Comrade Théo, political prisoner of the French state, seen in Pittsburgh

By Jakob Stein

Several displays of solidarity with political prisoner of the French state, Comrade Théo, were seen around Pittsburgh over the past week. Graffiti on a major road that leads into the working-class Garfield neighborhood reads, “Free Théo, Political Prisoner, From PGH to Paris – It’s Right to Rebel!”

Posters describing Comrade Théo’s struggle within prison, including his ongoing hunger strike and demands to be recognized as a political prisoner as well as freedom for other political prisoners, were seen at popular bus stops in the Garfield neighborhood as well as the working-class suburb of Wilkinsburg. Previous acts of solidarity with Comrade Théo have been seen in Austin, Houston, Los AngelesKansas City, and St. Louis.

Comrade Théo is a Communist militant, labor activist, antifascist, and member of the Yellow Vest movement who was arrested on July 22. In September, he released a letter from prison, detailing the poor conditions he and other prisoners lives in and the violation of his democratic and human rights, accusing the French state of “acts of torture and barbarism.” The Yellow Vest movement continues to engage in combative protests against the government, coming into open contradiction with the police, often violently.