INDIA: Revolutionary Leader Kobad Ghandy Released on Bail

Photo: Revolutionary leader Kobad Ghandy

By Ed Dalton

Imprisoned since 2010, revolutionary leader Kobad Ghandy was released from Lajpore Central Jail on October 16 after paying bail.

Comrade Ghandy was originally accused of attacking a police station without evidence. Even after his release, he is still being confined to the city of Surat while awaiting trial.

More than any single action, Comrade Ghandy is accused of being a member of the banned Communist Party of India (Maoist), who lead the New Democratic revolution in India and wage Protracted People’s War against the old decaying Indian state, against imperialism, semi-feudalism, and semi-colonialism.

Revolutionaries can never expect justice in bourgeois courts; their liberation only comes with the victory of the People’s War. India promotes itself as the biggest democracy in the world, a false claim which could not be further from the truth. Democracy cannot be enjoyed under the rule of reactionaries who sell their countries out to imperialism, mainly US imperialism. Those who starve and are crushed under grinding oppression and exploitation cannot enjoy the same rights as the powered and landed elites who dominate India today.

India is a country which shamelessly persecutes its revolutionary intellectuals and anyone who dares to oppose the old state. While the release of Comrade Ghandy is cause to celebrate, it did not come from the benevolence of the courts, nor from any sense of justice. The main credit is due to the heroic struggles of the Indian people and the international movement to defend political prisoners like Ghandy with successful campaigns.

At 73 years old and in failing health due to horrible conditions of confinement by the reactionary old state, being released on bail will never give back the 9 years stolen from comrade Ghandy, who has yet to be convicted of any crime. He also lost his wife, Anuradha, to the reactionary old state over the course of revolutionary struggle. She made many great contributions to the women’s question in India, and is recognized as a revolutionary in her own right.

Making revolution is no crime! Incendiary lends its voice to the global chorus demanding the release of all revolutionary prisoners in India and all over the world. The Indian Maoists and the masses deserve the utmost support, which mainly translates into support for the People’s War in India.