BRAZIL: Popular Movements Hold Presentation on Revolutionary Struggle

Photo: Popular Movements present on the current state of Brazilian politics and revolutionary struggles at the State University of Rio de Janeiro

By Jakob Stein

On October 22, revolutionary newspaper A Nova Democracia organized an event at the State University of Rio de Janeiro to discuss the current state of Brazilian politics and popular struggles from a revolutionary perspective. Present at the event were representatives from popular organizations including the League of Poor Peasants (LCP), Popular Women’s Movement (MFP), Worker’s League (LO), and the Popular Revolutionary Student Movement (MEPR), as well as the philosopher and professor of the University of São Paulo, Vladimir Safatle.

The auditorium was packed with hundreds of attendees and decorated with the flags and banners of popular movements

The auditorium was packed with 350 people, and was decorated with banners, flags, and posters from revolutionary and democratic organizations. At the opening of the event, the musical group Casa Norte played a song called “Carta Branca,” a Portuguese translation of the term “Carte-Blanche,” referring to how the government murders the poor with impunity, which happens on a near-daily basis. Then, as a way of honoring LCP, they also played the anthem of the combative peasant movement, “Conquering the Land.”

Presenters and the crowd cheer and sing along with revolutionary songs

Presenters addressed the current situation of popular struggles across the country, as well as the preventative counterrevolutionary military coup, and the ongoing war against the people perpetrated by the government of Jair Bolsonaro and the Brazilian military generals.

Representatives from MFP and MEPR discussed the role of women and the youth in the mass mobilizations against Bolsonaro’s reactionary attacks on public education including massive funding cuts and the “Future-se” program. They also denounced Rio de Janeiro Governor Wilson Witzel’s genocidal war on the people of Rio’s favelas (poor slums). A representative from the Worker’s League also highlighted the mobilization of workers in various national strikes, especially in those against Bolsonaro’s dismantling of the public pension system, as well as the government’s other anti-worker and anti-people policies.

A representative from LCP opened with a tribute to the revolutionary peasant leader Cleomar Rodrigues, who was assassinated fives years prior by landlords in the state of Minas Gerais. He went on to discuss the current state of the peasant struggle and its importance to the national movement for New Democratic Revolution and the current state of progress in the country’s Agrarian Revolution. He commented, “The masses want revolution, they are thirsty for revolutionary violence – so Bolsonaro rides the wave of discontent, because, superficially, he says that Congress is a bandit and the people see that this is true. We have to unmask him, because he defends the exploitation of the masses, which we have to show!”

Professor of the University of São Paulo, Vladimir Safatle, presents on the current political situation in Brazil

Finally, the philosopher and professor Safatle gave a broad exposition of the current political situation in Brazil, in which he stressed the importance and relevance of class struggle, proletarian ideology, and revolution. The event also featured signs of solidarity for Théo El Ghozzi, political prisoner of the French state, and Comrade Dallas, political prisoner in the US.

Sign of Solidarity with Comrade Dallas.

The event was successful in bringing together various popular movements and allowing them to present a sharp revolutionary analysis of the current political situation in Brazil. It united the popular movements with the masses, who themselves were very enthusiastic, in a clear demonstration of the growing movement for revolution and New Democracy in the country.