SWITZERLAND: Election Boycott Initiated by Revolutionaries

Photo: Graffiti reads in English: “Boycott the Elections! Combat and Resist!”

By Ed Dalton

Through September and October, Swiss revolutionaries led the country’s first election boycott campaign. A massive amount of posters, banners and graffiti could be seen across the country, mainly in the larger cities of Zurich, Lausanne and Basel. The main posters read “Elections No! Revolution Yes!,” a slogan of international importance and also seen in the US.

Revolutionaries all over the world draw a line of demarcation between revolutionary politics and bourgeois politics, the latter of which is legitimized through the bourgeois electoral farce. Switzerland’s revolutionaries have set a fine example before the workers  of the world with this year’s boycott campaign.

“The fact that only 45.1% (3.4% less than in 2015) of the population participated in this bourgeoisie game shows that fewer and fewer people believe in the electoral farce,” the Swiss revolutionaries said when speaking on the bourgeois elections. “It is important to remember, however, that most of the deeper and wider masses do not vote even if they have this right, and [immigrants] cannot vote because they do not have a Swiss passport.”

Revolutionary Election Boycott posters pasted over the faces of bourgeois candidates.

With elections in Switzerland seeing only marginally more participation than that of the US elections, it is important that revolutionaries turn the already commonplace voter abstinence into active, political boycotts through such campaigns.

Setting their political line before the masses, the Swiss Revolutionaries said, “The masses have nothing to gain from the games of the ruling class, because the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie only gives us exploitation and oppression. We must confront the power of the capitalists, organizing our disorganized power, directing the three struggles for: 1. our daily demands, 2. for the reconstitution of the Communist Party of Switzerland, and 3. for the conquest of power.”

“It doesn’t matter who got the most votes,” they continue, “who won or lost percentages. An opportunistic oppressor and an imperialist differ little in essence from an oppressor and imperialist of another party. In the end, nothing changes, whoever they vote for, because no one in parliament represents us. ”

The revolutionaries exposed the revisionists and opportunists who participate in bourgeois elections as wolves in sheep’s clothing, “trying in vain to attract the masses, especially the proletariat, into the cage of this exploitative and oppressive system.”