Tribute to Our Comrade Catherine

This is an unofficial translation of a recent post by Parti Communiste Maoïste. 

Our Party has learned with pain of the passing of comrade Catherine, who recently succumbed to illness. A participant in all struggles and a living example that our battles are long and recurring despite the highs and lows, our comrade Catherine was a sincere and devoted militant who taught a lot to new members who took up her path. She fought at our side for the liberation of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, so we share the full communication from the Committee for the Liberation of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah:

Indefatigable militant in the heart of multiple anti-fascist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist, and anti-imperialist organizations, supporter from the first moment of the struggles of the undocumented and migrants, Catherine Grupper has been our long-standing sister in struggle.

The Collective for the Liberation of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, very saddened, gives its affectionate militant thoughts to her partner, her family and to her numerous comrades and friends.

Catherine is and will remain eternally in our struggles and all our battles.

Our Party gives its most sincere condolences to her comrades in struggle and her friends.

A red star never dies!