SWEDEN: Revolutionaries Carry Out Demonstrations of International Solidarity

Photo: Revolutionary activists hold a demonstration outside of the Brazilian embassy in Stockholm

By Nélida Tello

Last week, revolutionaries across Sweden carried out several demonstrations and actions, mainly in support of international struggles.

In Stockholm, there was a demonstration outside of the Brazilian embassy in solidarity with the struggle for New Democratic Revolution in Brazil and against the fascist President Jair Bolsonaro, the repression of the masses, and the militarization that accompanies the destruction of the Amazon in favor of pro-landlord policies.

At that demonstration, activists held a banner depicting Comrade Igor Mendes, a Brazilian revolutionary and political prisoner. Comrade Igor was arrested and sentenced last year for leading mobilizations against the FIFA World Cup in 2014. His unwavering faith in the masses to struggle for New Democratic Revolution and the state’s failure to break his revolutionary spirit have inspired many around the world.

In a separate action in Sweden, banners were hung in three different cities that read, “We live in the time of the World Proletarian Revolution!” The banners were hung to remind the bourgeois that their elections are a farce, and to remind the masses of the revolutionary optimism taught by Chairman Mao and Chairman Gonzalo.

“We are actually living in the era of the proletarian world revolution, a time when we will see the downfall of imperialism at the world level,” an online statement posted to Kommunista Föreningen reads. “The truly revolutionary forces are growing all over the world and rising from the ashes ideologically stronger than ever before, enriched by the positive and negative experiences of the international communist movement.”

Swedish revolutionaries also pasted large posters in northwest Stockholm condemning Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria. In Gothenburg, a demonstration was held in solidarity with Palestinian political prisoner Georges Abdallah and with Comrade Théo, who are both held in the dungeons of the French state. In Umeå, activists demonstrated in solidarity with the People’s War in India, marking the first demonstration of its kind in the city.

The demonstrations seen across Sweden came with a call emphasizing the need reconstitute the Communist Party. Last month, Kommunista Föreningen shared a poster encouraging revolutionaries to “build a revolutionary communist party” in Sweden in service of the proletariat and their liberation.