AUSTIN: Graffiti Supports Revolution in Latin America

By Mike Talavera

Graffiti has been spotted in Austin, TX supporting the Bolivian people’s struggle against the recent fascist coup following the ouster of President Evo Morales as well as the revolutionary movements and popular rebellions  in other Latin American countries oppressed by US imperialism.

The various slogans, which were all written in Spanish, translate to: “Long Live the Bolivian People!”, “Down with US imperialism!”, “Out with the US!”, “Out with the Imperialists!”, “Long Live the Oppressed Nations!”,  “Onward with the People’s War!”, and “It is Right to Rebel!”

“Long Live the Bolivian People! Down with US Imperialism!”

Morales resigned on November 10 after allegations of election fraud in his recent reelection that sparked mass protests. Rightwing and fascist elements within the Bolivian government, led by Luis Fernando Camacho and consolidated by Jeanine Áñez, usurped Morales and enacted draconian measures to repress the continuing protests, such as exempting police from criminal liability in their crackdown.

At the end of November, Añez signed a bill with opportunist protest leaders annulling the October election and calling for a new one, consolidating power in the country under her rightwing faction in service of US imperialism.

“Out with the US! Out with the Imperialists! Long Live the Oppressed Nations!”

The second half of 2019 has witnessed a wave of protests across Latin America in response to the deepening crisis of bureaucratic capitalism in the oppressed nations. On November 21, a national strike rocked Colombia following mass student protests against the government. Poor peasants in Ecuador, which saw weeks of riots against the government over IMF-imposed austerity measures in October, declared a mining-free zone in the Mira River Basin last month. Fascist Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has continued his war on the masses as a lackey of US imperialism and representative of the landlord-bureaucratic state, drawing massive waves of protests and strikes in the process. Finally, the popular rebellion in Chile continues to rage on despite the reactionary old state repeatedly attempting to pacify protesters with various reforms.

“Onward with the People’s War! It is Right to Rebel!”