Incendiary Supporters Distribute Print Issues, Agitate for Revolution

Photo: Incendiary supporters agitate and distribute print issues in Austin (left), Los Angeles (Center), and Charlotte (Right).

By Mike Talavera

In the past few months, Incendiary support committees have sprung up around the country to distribute print issues and agitate around the stories of the day with revolutionary slogans.

Through a combination of soapboxing, one-on-one conversations, and group discussions, these supporters have expounded on published articles on buses, trains, and public intersections, and learned from the people with whom they interact. These agitation brigades bring the news from a proletarian perspective to the masses, and by doing so gather tips and ideas from readers that sharpen our political line and can be used for future stories.

Incendiary supporters have also begun to collect donations to support the production of print issues so that our coverage of people’s struggles and revolutionary organizations can have a greater reach.

If you want to start an Incendiary support committee in your city, please email us at You can also support our work by purchasing our merchandise here.