FRANCE: Justice for Ibrahima Bah!

The following is an unofficial translation of the article “Violences policières : justice pour Ibrahima Bah!” from revolutionary newspaper La Cause du Peuple.

Translation by Kate LaBelle

On October 6, 2019 in Villiers-le-Bel, Ibrahima Bah died on his motorbike, near a police checkpoint. Since then, the police have been covering their tracks, distancing themselves from the incident, and denying their involvement in killing Ibrahima, aka Ibo.

The inquest has been slowed, the public authorities have covered up evidence, and the police have invoked a code of silence. As usual, the police are pushing a version of an “accident” where they played no role. By December 30, the family has still not been granted access to the surveillance video which could establish what happened leading to the tragic death of the young 22-year-old Ibrahima. The family has been asking for these images for several months now.

Always in the suburbs, always in the same quarters, police violence unleashes itself to intimidate and crush the masses. The family and loved ones of Ibo have been struggling since October 7 for their departed son, brother, and friend. Diané Bah, brother of Ibahima, and the Peace and Justice Association for Ibrahima Bah are fighting for the truth about the death of Ibrahima.

In line with their struggle, they have called for a day of assembly on January 4 to begin at 1 pm in the Champs de Foire space in Sarcelles accompanied by a number of artists. Our publication supports this initiative and calls for justice for Ibrahima Bah!

Peace and Justice Association for Ibrahima Bah presents Day in Tribute to Ibrahima Bah, Justice for Ibo