Readers Can Now Donate to Incendiary News

Readers can now support Incendiary News by donating to our Patreon

Incendiary News Service is a revolutionary news publication covering the latest people’s struggles and revolutionary organizations in the United States and abroad. We have experienced tremendous growth in our first year thanks to the support of our readers, and we are now asking for donations so that we continue expanding.

Some exciting new developments that would benefit greatly from financial contributions include the production and distribution of our print issues, the creation of audio and video content, and hosting political education workshops and events.

We are run entirely by volunteers who are committed to serving the people and propagandizing in support of the revolutionary movement in the US. Any donations we receive will go straight towards operational expenses.

Thank you for supporting us. We encourage anyone who donates to also consider contributing in other ways: pitching an article, submitting photography, hosting an Incendiary reading group, starting an Incendiary support committee in your city, etc. If you are interested, please email us at