AUSTIN: “No War With Iran, Death to US Imperialism” Graffiti on Congress Ave.

By Jakob Stein

This morning, graffiti reading “No War With Iran, Death To US Imperialism” along with a hammer and sickle, was seen on a construction wall at the intersection of MLK Blvd and Congress Ave, near the Texas State Capitol and University of Texas Campus. By midday, it had already been covered up, leaving non-political graffiti nearby untouched.

The anti-imperialist graffiti was situated at a major intersection near the Texas State Capitol and University of Texas campus

“Death to US Imperialism” seems to be a play on “Death to America,” a common slogan used in the Middle East, particularly in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The slogan has been adapted to a more precise one specifically targeting US imperialism, which is today the sole hegemonic superpower and number one enemy of the world’s people.

The previous week saw a rising of military tensions between the United States and Iran, beginning with a militant protest at the US embassy in Baghdad, followed by the assassination of Qasem Soleimani by a US Drone Strike the next day. This assassination has inflamed the region, with massive protests, moves by the Iraqi parliament to expel US forces, and most recently, an Iranian missile attack on a military base housing US troops in Iraq.

Following this attack, at least on the surface, both sides appear to be holding back as they plan their next moves.

The people of the US have responded to the clear aggression of the US government with their own calls against war with Iran. People have mobilized across the country to hold anti-war rallies, and some have taken it further, holding protests outside military recruitment centers.

Fascist elements have attempted to infiltrate some revisionist rallies, either to harass protesters or push a phony “anti-imperialism” intended to draw attendees into reactionary organizing. In Pittsburgh, the masses along with the Anti-Imperialist Committee physically removed Richard Spencer-aligned anti-semites from a PSL rally, while in Austin, they failed to win over the crowd to remove fascists, and instead were drowned out under the opportunist leadership of Democratic Socialists of America.

The people of the US must take opposing US imperialism seriously, whether with vocal and militant opposition to wars of aggression, or by directly confronting the fascists who act as foot soldiers for the reactionary US state. They must continue to oppose imperialist war with Iran, and understand the only long-term solution to the US government’s aggression is people’s war within its own borders, to overthrow the decaying US imperialist order and the state that props it up.