OXNARD: Southern California Activists Host Anti-Gentrification Event

Photo: Attendees listen to a presentation on the revolutionary movement against gentrification

By Felipe Vera

On January 4, the Los Angeles Incendiary Support Committee and Oxnard Revolutionary Study Group (OxRevStudy) held an anti-gentrification event in Oxnard, California. They also hosted a speaker from Defend Boyle Heights (DBH), a revolutionary anti-gentrification organization based in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Boyle Heights.

Nearly all the seats were filled and attendees were eager to get involved as the event began in the evening with a presentation led by the LA Incendiary Support Committee, highlighting the destructive role gentrification plays not only in Los Angeles, but countrywide. The speaker emphasized the necessity of organizing in a revolutionary manner in contrast to reformist trends and individual actions.

Presenters spoke about the need for militant resistance to Gentrification

Activists from OxRevStudy spoke on the particular importance of agitation. They shared how they had gone to a local swap meet prior to the event, and tenants who were facing struggles reached out to them soon after. They said that without speaking and engaging with the masses, attempts at organizing would be futile and isolated.

Another activist spoke on how a truly revolutionary ideology is crucial for organizing work. He stated, “our ideology is Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.” He elaborated that without being guided by revolutionary ideology, activists would not be able to adequately assess the root issue, capitalism, and would fall short in their organizing efforts.

DBH gave background on their history fighting gentrification, speaking about their current struggle to defend tenants facing eviction threats from their slumlord, and their ongoing agitation and canvassing throughout Boyle Heights.

Another activist from Oxnard, who had recently participated in agitation on the LA metro, encouraged attendees to get involved with Incendiary, and pushed to form an Oxnard Incendiary Support Committee. As the event concluded, attendees enthusiastically spoke with activists from all the groups, purchasing shirts and literature to support their ongoing efforts, and showing their readiness to get involved in the revolutionary struggle against gentrification and exploitation of the working class.