CHARLOTTE: Anti-Imperialist Banner, Posters Seen at US Military Center

By Mike Talavera

On the evening of January 10, in the wealthy Myers Park neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina, a banner reading “Combat & Resist US imperialism” was dropped on the awning over the front door of a Armed Forces Career Center.

This was done alongside flyers which read “Death to US imperialism, Military Recruiters Out of Working Class Communities, No War on Iran” which were wheatpasted on the windows. The locks were also filled with super glue.

This militant action follows growing resistance to US imperialism in response to the Trump administration’s recent assassination of an Iranian general and the corresponding escalation of tensions with that country.

On Thursday, Charlotte community members held an anti-war rally that grew in combativeness in response to heightened police repression, including the arrest of an anti-imperialist who was charged with use of a megaphone without a permit.

Earlier Thursday morning several large banners were dropped over the busy intersection of Independence and Charlottetowne Avenue with slogans like “End US Imperialism,” “No War in Iran,” and “Combat & Resist.”

In Iran, leaders are now facing internal protests for the accidental downing of a passenger plane headed for Ukraine during the heated aftermath in the wake of the US drone strike which killed general Qasem Soleimani.

This action shows that these new developments have not deterred the momentum of the anti-imperialist movement within the US.